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Self Sustaining Indoor Hydroponic Food Garden

Time has come for you to learn how to grow your own food.  I am talking about vegetables, high quality, clean, indoor grow vegetables that can be grown in any room of your home or apartment.  You really need to take some time and understanding the power of self sustaining indoor hydroponic gardens and the power it gives a person.  What happens when food becomes currency?  You will be able to self sustain and maintain a food supply for your self, your family, your neighbors, maybe even your community.  I continue to make videos to showcase how easy it is start an indoor grow, all your need is a few pieces of equipment and a little bit of time to learn by watching my videos.  Below I posted some of the latest images from my indoor grow, from October 2018.  In addition all the links are below of items that I use to maintain my own self sustaining indoor food producing powerhouse.  If you have questions make sure to leave a comment.

This is my 3 reservoir cross platform system, currently growing 9 grow pods each of gorgeous organic butter lettuce.
Wow. Take a look at that root system, it never gets old looking at the root system as it develops. Hydroponics is incredible, not just because of the high quality food it produces, but the way it does it, the way the root system obtains its nutrients.
Lovely up close snap shot of high density lettuce. You can see the thickness and gorgeous variety of colors all throughout the water dense food.
This is another snap shot of my current lettuce growing in a very cold month of October. All done indoors, you can do this too, just watch my tutorial videos and grab a few simple pieces of equipment.

I Use This Containers Reservoirs ►
Steel Wire Shelving Rack ►
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Rockwool Cubes ►
Clonex Clone Solution ►
Black Mesh Net Pot ►
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EcoPlus 8in Air Stone ►
BPA Free Tubing ►
pH Liquid Control Kit ►
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