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Peppers + Tomatoes OUTSIDE GARDEN BED+ Indoor Lettuce

I have always wanted to venture out from indoor hydroponic gardening and try, just try to grow things outdoor, and finally I did it.  Below are photos I recently took from my indoor garden and outdoor garden.  Currently in my indoor garden I have 2 types of lettuce, one butter lettuce and the other is more of a romaine.  You will see me growing a variety of lettuces, and herbs throughout my posts.  In addition to my indoor garden I have finally setup the outdoor garden which currently holds 2 tomato plants, and two sweet pepper plants.  I am very excited about watching the outdoor plants develop into something delicious.  Enjoy the photos, watch my videos, all links are down below.  Don’t forget all items I use to maintain my grow are available on the right side of the screen and at the bottom of the page.

I Use This Containers Reservoirs ►
Steel Wire Shelving Rack ►
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