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Hydroponic Butter Lettuce

In this post I will be showing you images from a recent grow, it’s all about the lettuce.  One of the main ingredients in my diet is lettuce.  Why is the world would I go to the local market and pick up lettuce that has been driven over 3,000 miles, frozen two times over, in addition to that I really have NO idea who grew it, where it was grown, if it’s organic or not, you just don’t know.  Those are just a few reasons on why I started growing on my own, hydroponically, no dirt, no pesticides, and no natural light, all under the privacy of my own home.

Take a quick look at the image below hopefully they inspire you to start growing just like I am.  All the products I use to maintain my grow are available at the bottom of this post, and on the right side.

I Use This Containers Reservoirs ►
Steel Wire Shelving Rack ►
Best Air Pump ►
Grow Tent ►
I Use This Fluorescent Grow Light ►
Rockwool Cubes ►
Clonex Clone Solution ►
Black Mesh Net Pot ►
Clay Pebbles ►
Hydroponic Nutrients ►
EcoPlus 8in Air Stone ►
BPA Free Tubing ►
pH Liquid Control Kit ►
Humidity Monitor ►
pH Meter Digital Water Quality Tester ►