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Step by Step Hydroponic Growers Guide For All Levels (Join The Family of Growers Worldwide)

Learn How To Grow Lettuce Indoors HYDROPONICALLY.  It’s a Cheap Setup, and all the links are down below.


My name is Michael, and I am an indoor hydroponic farmer.  I have been growing for over 3 years now with non-stop success. I grow everything from Lettuce, Basil, Herbs, even Broccoli and Watermelon, all hydroponically.  After you watch the video below it will all make sense.  The website is like a dedicated portal for all my videos and images I archive.  My focus is to have high density, nutrient filled product without going to the grocery store.  After about a year of trial and error, I was able to finally get food growing inside my home.  You can easily have the same success as I do, just watch my YouTube video below and checkout the products I use.  I listed all the necessary items for you to get setup and start growing organic, clean, locally grown (your dining room), nutrient rich vegetables!  If you have questions just leave me a comment within the youtube video, I usually reply within 24 hours.  I hope this gets to started on your journey of being an indoor farmer.  Many more posts to come, I usually upload a new video weekly, so stay tune for more.  Happy Growing!

Watch the video I created below, it’s your Guide on How To Grow Hydroponics Indoors. Simple, Fun, and Rewarding.


I Use This Containers Reservoirs ►
Steel Wire Shelving Rack ►
Best Air Pump ►
Grow Tent ►
I Use This Fluorescent Grow Light ►
Rockwool Cubes ►
Clonex Clone Solution ►
Black Mesh Net Pot ►
Clay Pebbles ►
Hydroponic Nutrients ►
EcoPlus 8in Air Stone ►
BPA Free Tubing ►
pH Liquid Control Kit ►
Humidity Monitor ►
pH Meter Digital Water Quality Tester ►

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